Volunteer Lara Lemsom(18) has grown into the Reitdiep and jazz: “I am in a nice bubble”

An event like the SummerJazzCyclingTour would never have existed if there weren't dozens of volunteers who put their heart and soul into it. We pick one: Lara Lemsom (18).

Although she lives in Haarlem, Lara has grown into the Reitdiep area and the ZJFT. It could hardly be otherwise, if you are the granddaughter of Suzanne Dohle, one of the founders of the ZJFT. Ever since she was a child, Lara has been visiting family in Garnwerd (“swimming in the Reidiep in the summer!”) and got to know the area and jazz very well. And appreciate.


In recent years, she and dozens of others have volunteered. “I actually do everything”, says Lara, “I help set up and set up the tent, help people on their way on Saturdays, I work at the cash register and check tickets. My friend is also coming to help this time.” Laughing: “He is strong, we can use that. Since I volunteer here, I bring a boyfriend or girlfriend every year.”

The Reidiep area is a bit different from the hectic life in a city like Haarlem. “I also like city life, I do like a bit of bustle around me. But it's always great to be here. That will always be the case. I grew up with this environment.”


This growing together certainly applies to jazz as well. She sees that techno is popular with her peers, but she herself played in a jazz band during her school days. ”I am really in a jazz bubble. Han Bennink, for example, I find that very special. That he uses horseshoes during a concert to get a different sound from instruments. When I first saw that I was really like ‘what is this!’ I love that.”

Lara sees that the digital age is changing the music experience. Young people can easily make music behind their computer and distribute it themselves via social media. Traditional instruments are not used. On the other hand, it lowers the threshold to be involved with music yourself. “That could be a way to introduce young people to jazz.”

Lara is in a jazz bubble, but that applies even more to her boyfriend's brothers. “They play jazz and they are really good. Will we see them at the ZJFT in the coming years? Fixed!”

Where are we going to see Lara live on Saturday? “I do not yet know in detail what my tasks are, but I will probably do all sorts of things in and around the tent in Garnwerd. It doesn't matter much to me. I'll make sure I catch a concert!”