HoW it works

Your visit to the ZJFT

In order to visit the ZJFT, you need a go-as-you-please-ticket. They are on sale online through the website (www.zjft.nl) or at the Groningen VVV (Tourist Information). If the festival isn’t sold out yet, go-as-you-please-tickets are also on sale at the starting points of  all routes.

Starting points

You can have your digital ticket scanned at the starting points in exchange for a wrist band. ZJFT concerts can only be visited with a wrist band.


ADUARD church
Burgemeester Seinenstraat 42, 9831 PX Aduard


vlakbij de molen t/o Hunzeweg 40, 9893 PD Garnwerd


MAARHUIZEN Enne Jans Heerd
Maarhuizen 3, 9951 TB Maarhuizen


ADORP church
Torenweg 4, 9774 PN Adorp


NOORDERHOOGEBRUG bezoekerscentrum Reitdiep
Wolddijk 103, 9738 AD Groningen

Which route will I take?

We have made 5 proposals for possible routes to cycle. But there are plenty opportunities to change over to another route on the way, or to compose your own route completely. After the strict COVID years, you’re free to go your own way. The idea of the festival is to visit 1 set and then cycle on to the next location.

Small locations

The ZJFT features smaller and larger locations. The description of the concert in this booklet will show how many seats there are at a particular location. If you want to be sure of a seat at a concert, make sure you’re well on time for the smaller locations.

1st and 2nd set

The musicians will play 2 sets of 45 minutes each. Do visit a 2nd set sometimes! They are often less crowded and the musicians have completely warmed up.


Do you want to leave during a concert? Pick a moment when this is possible, for instance during the applause. Please turn off your mobile phone during the concerts.


The tent in Garnwerd is the ZJFT’s festival heart. It will be open all day long for drinks, and from 16.00 there will also be a number of food trucks here. It is also the place to be for T-shirts, posters and questions to the organizing committee.


Do you have a flat tyre, are your brakes bust, or are there other practical problems on the road? Call our Bicycle Repair Man! He’ll come to you and will help you, free of charge!
+31 (0)6-10076852


This year, the ZJFT will sell unisex T-shirts in the sizes S/M/L/XL/XXL. They are for sale at all starting points until 14.30 and in the Garnwerd tent all day long. They cost only € 17,50 (please pay with debit card). It’s a limited edition, so get them while stocks last!