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Saturday 28 august


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Programme route 3



Kristina Fuchs vocals * Oguz Büyükberber clarinet, bass klarinet * Tobias Klein bass klarinet, contrabass klarinet

37FERN hails from the roster of the bass clarinet festival Basklarinetfestijn. Here, Tobias Klein gives his love for the bass clarinet full rein. Klein is best known at the ZJFT for his various Spinifex bands. Most recently he performed Ornette Coleman tunes with Omelette (recently rechristened to Bugpowder) at the Frytum barn. The Turkish clarinettist Oguz Büyükberber worked with pianist Simon Nabatov and others. In the original 37FERN line-up there was also a role for opera star Claron McFadden. But now Swiss singer Kristina Fuchs has all the room for her vocal improvisations.


photo: Elisabeth Melchior



Ben van Gelder alto sax, clarinets * Reinier Baas guitar * Han Bennink drums

‘Mokum in Hi Fi’ is the title of the latest Van Gelder/Baas album. It earned the wonderful duo rave reviews. The golden boys of modern Dutch jazz have a number of successful productions to their name, but maybe their work as a duo surpasses it all. As a guest they have picked the grand old man of European improv: Han Bennink. In the past Bennink would have completely whacked this beautiful duo into confusion, but nowadays he has taken on a much subtler approach. He doesn’t only deconstruct, he also reconstructs. Thus, the duo’s ingenious constructions are fitted with a sturdy foundation.




Guus Janssen piano * Bert van Erk double bass * Wim Janssen drums

At the Stichting Jazz in Groningen’s behest, bassist Bert van Erk will embark upon an adventure with the Janssen brothers. Compositions by Thelonious Monk, Herbie Nichols and Misha Mengelberg will be performed according to the Janssen method. The composition is held up against the light, turned inside out and tested for its sturdiness. The ease with which well-known and lesser-known jazz classics are played is remarkable. Pianist Guus Janssen takes the listener by the hand in this creative process of dissection. He also holds Misha Mengelberg’s piano stool in the ICP Orchestra these days.


photo: Willem Schwertmann



Anton Goudsmit guitar * Frank Montis Hammond organ * Cyril Directie drums

These gentlemen met at various sessions, there was a click, and the rest is history. A new monster band was born, full of unfettered energy and a good feeling for grooves. Hammond B3 classics by Grant Green, The Meters, John Scofield, Eddie Harris or Rusty Bryant are just as easily interspersed with original compositions and/or jams. Guitarist Anton Goudsmit is hardly an unfamiliar face at the ZJFT. Frank Montis’s meaty Hammond sound was heard with Gare du Nord. And the party is kept going by drummer Cyril Directie, who performed with the Dulfers and the New Cool Collective.


* Programme subject to change

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Programma route 3

The blue route is the most challenging route. The real cycling enthusiast will cycle past the churches of Adorp, Garnwerd and Ezinge to Niehove (21.5 kilometres)

This route opens in the Adorp church with 37FERN, an unusual combination of voice and clarinets. Then it’s on to the Garnwerd church for the phenomenal duo Ben van Gelder / Reinier Baas who have invited drummer Han Bennink as a special guest. Next, the Museum Wierdenland in Ezinge will provide a series of jazz classics for piano with the Janssen brothers and Bert van Erk. And finally guitarist Anton Goudsmit throws a swinging party with the Hammond organ trio Montis/Goudsmit & Directie at the Niehove church.

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route times

When you buy a ticket with a starting time, the starting times for the other concerts and the optional meal are also set.

Concert/Startingtime 11.00 12.30 14.00
Adorp – 37FERN 11.00-11.45 12.30-13.15 14.00 - 14.45
Garnwerd – GELDER / BAAS & BENNINK 12.45-13.30 14.15-15.00 15.45 - 16.30
Ezinge – JANSSEN / VAN ERK / JANSSEN 14.30-15.15 16.00-16.45 17.30 - 18.15
Niehove – MONTIS / GOUDSMIT & DIRECTIE 16.15-17.00 17.45-18.30 19.15-20.00
Optional  – meal Eisseshof vanaf 17.15 vanaf 18.45 vanaf 20.00
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Rice table Café Eisseshof optional

After a long day full of musical impressions and adverse winds, it’s possible to round off this year’s cycle tour with an Indonesian rice table, immediately following the final concert at the Niehove church.
Eisseshof is opposite the church. This cafe offers a unique experience: enjoy original Indonesian dishes in a real old Groningen village pub. And in one of the most beautiful villages in the Netherlands, to boot. Chef Husein uses organic ingredients exclusively. He will serve various meat and fish dishes buffet style, but the vegetarian and vegan dishes are also prepared with care and attention. Husein’s partner Lisalotte will provide the dessert, all at the price of € 27.50 per person.

  • De Eisseshof, Kerkstraat 4 Niehove

*The capacity at Eisseshof is limited. That’s why there is a limited number of tickets and three time slots, all following the final concert of the route. Dinner will start at 17.15 / 18.45 and 20.00.

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Route Tips


Both in Adorp (starting point) and in Niehove (end) there is a limited number of parking spaces.
You may park your car half-way down the route at the quay for loading and unloading in Aduard, near the bridge across the Van Starkenborghkanaal.

Bicycle rental

Rijwielhandel Guikema / Zuiderweg 3 / Ezinge / 06 - 28893438 / guikemarijwielhandel.nl


Do you have a puncture or other bicycle problems during the ZJFT? Call the ZJFT bicycle repairman. He’ll come to you as soon as he can and he will fix your problem free of charge! His mobile phone number is (+31) (0)6 100 76 852.

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