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Saturday 28 august


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Ruben Drenth trumpet * Joost Buis trombone * Steven Kamperman alto clarinet, soprano sax * Dion Nijland double bass * Berry van Berkum church organ

Bandleader Steven Kamperman can boast of numerous attractive projects. He recently wrote a real opera, for instance. A regular guest at the ZJFT, we’re familiar with his preference for imaginary folk music. For Het Orgel Trio, HOT&BRASS he’s delved into a completely different musical world, inspired by the great Duke Ellington. With a church organ and two brass instruments in the line-up, both Duke Ellington's early (pre-1930) and late works (post-1965) will be performed. Thus, a classic like Rockin ’in Rhythm will be featured, but also Come Sunday or Heaven (from his Sacred Concerts).




Jasper Blom tenor sax * Sean Frasciani double bass * Felix Schlarmann drums

Blom’s threesome base their improvisations on the music of Stevie Wonder and in their programme WonderYears they pay homage to one of the most creative songwriters of the 20th century. It’s surprising to hear how Stevie Wonder’s funky grooves and catchy harmonies lend themselves to new jazz improvisations. The musical themes that everyone grew up with will pop up at the most unexpected moments. Drummer Felix Schlarmann is best known for his work with the organ jazz band Bruut. And Jasper Blom was the winner of the Buma Boy Edgar Prijs 2019, the major Dutch jazz award.


photo: M. Roelofs



Efraim Trujillo tenor sax * Rob Mosterd hammond organ * Chris Strik drums

The Preacher Men is powered by the sound of the mighty Hammond B3 and the dirty tenor sax of Efraim Trujillo, head preacher of this boisterous threesome. He is best known for his work with the Ploctones and the New Cool Collective Big Band. The powerful Hammond organ trio recipe brings to life the pleasant side of jazz and blues. A firm shot of soul jazz is added to the mixture. The resulting hot organ mix gained them the audience award at the 2019 Edisons (the Dutch Grammys).


photo: Ferry Knijn



Ad Colen tenor sax, soprano sax * Mike Roelofs keyboards, piano Rogier Hornman cello * Dion Nijland double bass * Yonga Sun drums

Saxophonist Ad Colen studies bird sounds, notates them and uses them to write new compositions. When a birdsong is slowed down, it develops into completely new sounds and melodies. The hermit thrush, for instance, hides a beautiful lyrical line in his chattering. And the wren’s song resembles a contemporary classical melodic line. And just like the melody of a jazz standard may be the guideline for an improvisation, the rhythms, melodies and sounds of birds may provide one, too. The band’s album, A BIRDS’ EYE VIEW is, according to newspaper NRC: 'A beautiful homage to birdsong’.


photo: Elisabeth Melchior

* Programme subject to change

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Programme route

The green route takes you from Aduard, via Den Ham and Feerwerd to Sauwerd (15.5 kilometres).

From Duke Ellington to Stevie Wonder is just a short cycling distance at the ZJFT 2021. The Aduard monastery church is the starting point for Duke Ellington’s harmonies, performed by Het Orgel Trio & Brass. To the north of Den Ham, the Huizinga family’s barn welcomes Jasper Blom’s trio WonderYears. Then it’s on to Hans’s barn in Feerwerd for The Preacher Men’s meaty Hammond B3 organ sound. And this route will finally take you to Sauwerd, where the Ad Colen Quintet will provide a joyful dose of birdsong at the Onstaheerd.

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route times

When you buy a ticket with a starting time, the starting times for the other concerts and the optional meal are also set.

Concert/Startingtime 11.00 12.30 14.00
Aduard – HET ORGEL TRIO & BRASS 11.00-11.45 12.30-13.15 14.00-14.45
Den Ham – WONDERYEARS 12.45-13.30 14.15-15.00 15.45-16.30
Feerwerd – THE PREACHER MEN 14.30-15.15 16.00-16.45 17.30 - 18.15
Sauwerd – AD COLEN QUINTET 16.15-17.00 17.30-18.15 19.15-20.00
Optioneel  – Meal Klein Wetsinge vanaf 17.15 vanaf 18.45 vanaf 20.00
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Diner Klein Wetsinge optional

After a long day full of musical impressions and adverse winds, it’s possible to round off this year’s cycle tour with a lovely dinner, following on to the final concert at the Onstaheerd. Klein Wetsinge is close to Sauwerd. Here, you may enjoy various courses in the form of a buffet, featuring organic, local products in the beautiful church. All dishes are prepared with care and attention by students and master chefs of ‘het Spijslokaal’.

  • Church Klein Wetsinge, Valgeweg 12 Klein Wetsinge

*The church’s capacity is limited. That’s why there is a limited number of tickets and three time slots, all following the final concert of the route. Dinner will start at 17.15/ 18.45 and 20.00 .

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Route Tips


You may park your car at the quay for loading and unloading in Aduard, near the bridge across the Van Starkenborghkanaal.

Bicycle rental

Hugo de Groot Rijwielhandel / Burg. Seinenstraat 57 / Aduard / 050 - 4031904
Rijwielhandel Guikema / Zuiderweg 3 / Ezinge / 06 - 28893438 / guikemarijwielhandel.nl


Do you have a puncture or other bicycle problems during the ZJFT? Call the ZJFT bicycle repairman. He’ll come to you as soon as he can and he will fix your problem free of charge! His mobile phone number is (+31) (0)6 100 76 852.

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