beeldmerk zjft 2022

Aduard / church


Sara Schoenbeck bassoon * Wayne Horvitz piano *

Ever since Wayne Horvitz made a name for himself in bands led by the likes of John Zorn and Bill Frisell in the 1980s, the pianist/composer has deepened his musical tracks even more. As a bandleader, Wayne Horvitz experimented in formations like The President, Pig Pen and Zony Mash. His characteristic, quiet, Satie-like melodies seem to thrive in acoustic settings. His duo with bassoonist Sara Schoenbeck will have its European premiere at the Aduard monastery church.



Den Ham / barn Huizinga

NJJO VII & Maarten Hogenhuis

Jaïnda Buiter vocals * Alvaro Jimenez trumpet * Ernesto Perez trumpet * Stijn Mol trumpet * Huub de Jong trombone * Olav Schoorlemmer trombone * Jeroen Vermazeren bass trombone * Hugo Pieters French horn * Martin Diaz alto sax * Jeline Weening alto sax * Fleur Peerenboom tenor sax * Daan Kluwer tenor sax * Pepijn Mouwen baritone sax * Celia Matamoro bassoon * Ella Zirina guitar * Jelle Willems keyboards * Mees Booden bass * David Puime drums * Pim Ravenschlag percussion *

The Nationaal Jeugd Jazz Orkest (National Youth Jazz Orchestra) is completely revamped for the seventh edition. Every two years, fresh young musicians are recruited from the Dutch conservatories for this learning orchestra. This time, Maarten Hogenhuis will lead this 19 piece group. His predecessors were Eric Vloeimans, Anton Goudsmit, Martin Fondse and Ruben Hein. In daily life, Maarten Hogenhuis is saxophonist with the band Bruut! And with the NJJO he will definitely express his love for meaty funky rhythms.

Concertfoto NJJO VII & Maarten Hogenhuis


Niehove / church choice concert


Tom Arthurs trumpet * Benoît Delbecq piano * Miles Perkin double bass * Jim Black drums *

Canadian bassist Miles Perkin assembled his quartet with a number of wonderful musicians. They each boast of an impressive career and a distinctive sound. Jim Black was introduced to adventurously minded jazz lovers in groups led by Tim Berne (Bloodcount), Dave Douglas (Tiny Bell Trio) and Ellery Eskelin. He toured extensively with his own band Alasnoaxis. Nowadays, drummer Jim Black operates from Berlin, just like bassist Miles Perkin. Pianist Benoît Delbecq and trumpeter Tom Arthurs are based in Paris and London, respectively. How about the music? It can be hauntingly beautiful. No more, no less.


Photo: Emiliano Neri


Ezinge / dorpshuis choice concert


Mustafa saz * Wissam Khori dance * Wissam Samara percussion * Mo Alkhateeb VJ * Cezara Gurau scenography * Ahmad Abdulwahab creative producer, director * Zayn El A’bdin Sabsabi artistic director * Malek Hasan make-up, costumes * Mahomud Dasuki lights * Michael Jamal production *

Bab Ad-Daar is Arabic and roughly means ‘front door’. For the makers of Bab Ad-Daar it means that their door is always open. Bab Ad-Daar is a community of over 150 newcomers who rehearse and make productions together, and develop theatrical participation programmes for performances by NITE. Bab Ad-Daar is part of NITE (Noord Nederlands Toneel + Club Guy & Roni). The production is called ECHO | صَدَى and will take you on a musical journey. It’s a melting pot of traditional music, pop, Sofia-Andalusia, Moashahat, and a variety of Western European, Spanish and Arab music.

Concertfoto BAB AD-DAAR


Feerwerd / barn Hans


Peter Vermeersch clarinet, compositions * Kurt Bodé clarinet * Benjamin Boutreur alto sax * Tom Callens tenor sax * Bruno Vansina baritone sax, flute * Thomas Mayade trumpet * Mozol Franken trumpet * Marc Meeuwissen trombone * Frederik Hermans trombone * Berlinde Deman tuba * Peter Vandenberghe piano, compositions * Wim Segers vibraphone * Maarten Flamand guitar * Kristof Roseeuw double bass * Teun Verbruggen drums *

The 15 piece orchestra Flat Earth Society still guarantees a massive big band sound, made up of layers of swing, mambo, Latin, chanson, cabaret, R&B, cartoon music and fragments from the history of jazz. In composer Peter Vermeersch’s compositions a clear line can be distinguished. "…multi-coloured surrealism and practical whimsy go hand in hand with a Belgian idiosyncrasy that is as logical as it is irresistible." After 11 years the band finally returns to Hans’s barn in Feerwerd.


Photo: Phile Deprez


The green route leads you from Aduard to Den Ham, after that via Ezinge or Niehove to Feerwerd. The total distance is around 14 or 22 kilometers.

When you pick the Green Route, everyone will see Wayne Horvitz & Sara Schoenbeck perform in Aduard, and will continue with the NJJO in Den Ham. Then the route will split in two, for smaller venues, either the Miles Perkin Quartet in Niehove or Bad-ad-Daar in Ezinge. And finally everyone with a ticket for the Green Route will finish in Feerwerd at the Flat Earth Society concert.


The green route has two starting times 12:00 or 13:30. When you pick 12:00 then you will visit the first set of every concert. When you have chosen 13:30 you will visit the second set


Attention: parking by car is problematic at starting locations such as Noordwolde and Fransum. For Fransum we advise you to park (and also Aduard) we advise you to park at the Aduarder Voorwerk (see also route map). For Noordwolde we recommend the P&R Kardinge or the Hornbach on the Groningerweg


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