beeldmerk zjft 2022


Friday 26 August 2022
Simplon, Boterdiep 69, 9712 LK Groningen
Start 21:00 hrs/ doors open 20:15
Groningen Simplon
Louis Sclavis bass clarinet, clarinet * Vincent Courtois cello *
proloog concert 1

Louis Sclavis got involved with the Lyon musicians’ collective Arfi early on. He played in bands led by Henri Texier and Chris McGregor, and started his own band in 1982. With his incredible technique, clarity and precision, he is one of the best clarinettists in free jazz and avant-garde music. He has been performing with Vincent Courtois for some ten years now. Cellist Courtois is an excellent duo partner, who starts his own song, seemingly imperturbable. In 2018 he was also featured in the ZJFT Prologue, also in Simplon. By coincidence or not?

Peter Vermeersch clarinet, compositions * Kurt Bodé clarinet * Benjamin Boutreur alto sax * Tom Callens tenor sax * Bruno Vansina baritone sax, flute * Thomas Mayade trumpet * Mozol Franken trumpet * Marc Meeuwissen trombone * Frederik Hermans trombone * Berlinde Deman tuba * Peter Vandenberghe piano, compositions * Wim Segers vibraphone * Maarten Flamand guitar * Kristof Roseeuw double bass * Teun Verbruggen drums *
proloog concert 2

Photo: Phile Deprez

It’s hard to find a more mercilessly hard hitting big band than the Flat Earth Society (FES). Even the molecules in the air make a run for it as soon as they see the golden colours of the horn section emerging from the instrument cases. This orchestra dives in and out of music history with the greatest of ease. Bandleader Peter Vermeersch (previously known for his work with the art rock band X-Legged Sally) can translate original ideas into a tight group sound. The fireworks ban seems to have been lifted for the FES.


Tickets: € 15.00
The number of seats in Simplon is limited, so come early if you want to sit.