beeldmerk zjft 2022

How to book a ticket

4 routes

When buying a ticket, you’ll have to make some choices. Because we use a great number of small venues and we want to offer everyone a seat, we ask you to choose concerts you would like to see on a particular route. The ticket you buy will be only valid for the concerts you’ve picked beforehand!
In the purchase process, all concert venues for a particular route will be visible, and the starting times are also indicated. We will ask you to pick four consecutive concerts.

Beware! Make sure that you don’t select several concerts with the same starting time.

You will receive the ticket digitally via email. Your ticket will be checked at the entrance of each concert. To make this run smoothly, we would like to ask you to bring your printed ticket with you on August 27. The ticket shows the concerts and showtimes you have chosen.
During the bike tour at the starting location you will of course receive the trusted bike tour booklets with all the information you need during this day.


Tickets Route 1

The green route leads you from Aduard to Den Ham, after that via Ezinge or Niehove to Feerwerd. The total distance is around 14 or 22 kilometers.

When you pick the Green Route, everyone will see Wayne Horvitz & Sara Schoenbeck perform in Aduard, and will continue with the NJJO in Den Ham. Then the route will split in two, for smaller venues, either the Miles Perkin Quartet in Niehove or Bad-ad-Daar in Ezinge. And finally everyone with a ticket for the Green Route will finish in Feerwerd at the Flat Earth Society concert.

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Tickets Route 2

The red route leads you from Garnwerd to Maarhuizen, after that via Winsum (kleikracht) or Schaphalsterzijl to Garnwerd (Allesboerderij). The total distance is around 14 or 16 kilometers.

Everyone with a ticket for the Red Route will start with the quartet featuring Louis Sclavis in Garnwerd, and will cycle on to the second concert in Maarhuizen, where Orquesta del Tiempo Perdido will perform. For the third concert in the Red Route you will have to choose: Jan Klare 3000 ft. Steve Swell at Kleikracht or Lux Ex’ l’Object Sonore in Schaphalsterzijl. The fourth and final concert in this route will be in Krassum for everyone, at with Kruidkoek.

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Tickets Route 3

The blue route leads you from Adorp or Noordwolde to Sauwerd (Onstaheerd) or Klein Wetsinge , after that via Ezinge (Museum or church) to Krassum. The total distance is between 16 and 21 kilometers

The Blue Route starts at two smaller venues: when booking the Blue Route one has to choose between Sanem Kalfa in Adorp or Longrun Development Of The Universe in Noordwolde. The second concert in the Blue Route comprises a choice between Farbenfroh at the Onstaheerd, Sauwerd or The Selva in Klein Wetsinge. The third concert in this route also involves a choice beforehand: here the options are Klatwerk3 at the Wierdenland Museum in Ezinge or Elise Caron & Edward Perraud at the Ezinge church. And finally, everyone with a ticket for the Blue Route will come together at the final concert: Don Kapot in Krassum.

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Tickets Han80 sold out

The HAn80 route leads you from Fransum to Feerwerd, after that via Garnwerd to Oostum. The total distance is a little more than 11 kilometers

This route takes you to small churches, and when you pick this route, you won’t have to make any choices when buying a ticket.

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For the more stubborn jazz fan we also offer the possibility to put together your own FREE JAZZ ROUTE with four concerts. The choice is limited, however, you have to compose your own cycling route, check cycling distances and make your choices and book in good time.


On Friday evening August 26 the prologue will take place with two bands from the ZJFT program in Simplon, Groningen.
Tickets for this can be booked separately.

Entrance fees

Note: Tickets are only available online



€ 42,- Ticket ZomerJazzFietsTour

Children up to the age of 16 can come for free, please email info@zjft.nl and we will ensure that a child ticket is emailed. The child ticket will always correspond to the chosen route/concerts of the parent(s) or supervisor.


21:00 Simplon, Boterdiep 69, Groningen
€ 15,- Ticket Proloog